NYC Office Cleaning Service

Sparkling Maids Services NYC offers a wide range of cleaning services for offices. We let you save valuable time for quality work while also providing quality at the place where you choose to work. From regular to ground cleaning, we specialize in comprehensive office cleaning service NYC and deal with all of it. 

We offer a specialized clean-up service to maintain a hygienic and organized environment. Our main goal is to provide a working atmosphere where workers feel comfortable and calm, prioritizing work professionally and unbothered by any mess around that distracts them.

Our Office Cleaning Service NYC

We provide services in different niches of offices. You can go into detail about each one to better understand and choose the service that suits you best. We provide the option of customization to our beloved customers as well. 

You can see a diversity of cleaning plans on our website and choose the one that fits perfectly in your office. You can also customize it according to yourself; if your office place cleaning and maintenance fall outside our organized plans, then. 

One-time Office cleaning

Regular Office Cleaning

Deep Office Cleaning

Regular Office Cleaning Service NYC

Are you sick of working every day at the office or getting thrown off by an overload of work? You will undoubtedly be confronted with a difficult situation with little time. And when it comes to clean-up and even maintaining your office room, you already start to feel exhausted!

So we’re here to solve your problem. We offer different services; you can choose one that suits your office room and aligns with your working lifestyle as part of our comprehensive office cleaning service NYC.

Regular Cleaning deals overall with the office room, which is a necessity. It can be done every day or weekly, depending on your choice. It includes basic tasks like 

Our Process

Deep Office Cleaning Service NYC

Is your office space in need of a thorough and revitalizing cleaning? Look only as far as our professional office deep cleaning service NYC. We specialize in transforming your workplace into a spotless and inviting environment where productivity can thrive.

Unlike routine maintenance, which maintains the cleanliness of visible areas, deep cleaning targets are hidden and hard-to-reach spaces, ensuring a truly hygienic workspace. Clean-up and overall maintenance of the office are always a big hassle. But we’re always available here to tackle these types of problems.

Your problem is our main priority! Hire us according to your needs, and leave everything else to us. Our highly-trained professionals follow a detailed checklist to ensure everything is noticed during the deep clean-up process. 

Deep Cleaning includes more thorough and detailed management of work that covers areas not typically addressed in regular services, such as

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