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If you are residing in Brooklyn and looking for cleaning services, welcome to our platform. You’re in the right place. We offer various Brooklyn cleaning services NYC. Since we started our business, our main and utmost priority has been the people of Brooklyn. 

We are providing high-quality customer satisfaction-oriented clean-up services in Brooklyn. Consequently, our maids are used to provide maintenance plans according to the demands and requirements of the customers. We do not compromise on quality and assure our customers are happy and satisfied.

In an ideal world, you would never have to do any labor to keep your home clean. With Sparkling Maids, your dream can come true!

Why choose us

we provide Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC

We provide a palette of cleaning services that suit our beloved customers. You can sit back after attending long hours of a busy day and leave everything to us. Your problem is our responsibility, and we know how to tackle it very well. Here are some detailed services you can avail of if you live in Manhattan.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

We can understand the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a vacation rental place that you own. Already, we are so occupied by business things, and when it comes to cleaning, we surely need a company or something that would take this problem to heart. 

Our dedicated team ensures that every corner of your vacation home is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and ready to welcome your next guests. We pay serious attention to detail, ensuring that your property consistently meets higher standards of cleanliness, uplifting the guest experience, and leaving a positive impression.

Here is an overview of the services we offer in vacation rental cleaning:

Dusting and Wipe Down:

Brighten your space with a touch of simplicity! Our Dusting and Wipe Down service transforms any room from cluttered to crystal-clear, ensuring every surface gleams with cleanliness. With our meticulous attention to detail, we banish dust and dirt, leaving behind only freshness and order. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a spotlessly maintained environment. Dive into the ease of living or working in spaces that not only look but feel immaculately clean. Perfect for busy individuals or anyone looking to refresh their surroundings without the hassle. Experience the difference today – it’s cleanliness, simplified!

Vacuum and Sweeping:

Elevate your floors with our Vacuum and Sweeping services! Say goodbye to dust and hello to spotless surfaces. Our expert team of maid services nyc ensures a pristine, dust-free environment with every sweep. Perfect for a hassle-free clean that makes every step feel fresher. Experience simplicity and cleanliness redefined!

Mop Floors

Experience the gleam with our Mop Floors service! Dive into the sparkle as we transform your floors, leaving behind a trail of shine that redefines cleanliness. Our mopping experts meticulously banish grime and stains, ensuring your floors look and feel impeccably clean. Ideal for those seeking a fresh, inviting space without the effort. Step into the comfort of your home or office and feel the difference a truly spotless environment awaits. Let us do the hard work, so you can enjoy the brilliance of freshly mopped floors!

Clean and sanitize appliances:

With our Clean and Sanitize service, you may improve the cleanliness of your appliances! Our professionals carefully clear away debris and bacteria to make your electronics gleam and encourage a healthier atmosphere. Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC takes care of everything, from ovens to refrigerators, leaving your appliances pristine and clean. Put your trust in us to improve the safety and cleanliness of your area, leaving you with brand-new appliances and peace of mind. Ideal for those looking for a complete cleaning without any worries.

Scrubbing and Sanitize Shower and Tub:

Transform your bathroom with our expert scrubbing and sanitizing! Say goodbye to grime and hello to Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC. Elevate your shower and tub experience with our professional touch today!

Wash and Disinfect Toilet:

Elevate your hygiene game! Our wash and disinfecting service ensures your toilet is spotless and germ-free. Say goodbye to worries and hello to a fresh, clean bathroom. Experience cleanliness redefined with us today!

Wash Dishes and Cutlery

Leave the dirty tasks to us to complete! Superior dish and silverware cleaning is provided by Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC. Enjoy shining cleanliness and bid goodbye to cleaning. As we handle the duties, you may enjoy more time to yourself!

Clean Sink and Faucets:

Experience a gleaming sink and faucet with Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC! Say goodbye to grime and hello to shining cleanliness. Let us handle the scrubbing while you enjoy the sparkle. Elevate your space with our expert touch today!

Spring Cleaning

The change of seasons is a significantly pleasing time of year when windows open and fresh spring air floods your home. This new season, however, demands an entire cleaning of your home. Maid Right’s spring cleaning services in Brooklyn and nearby areas are especially enjoyable for your entire home. 

Your home will look and smell great, and the lasting effects of the previous winter will be gone. However, it is a large task that will demand many hours of hard work and close attention to detail. Here are some details of the services we provide:

Dust and Cobweb Removal:

Say hello to a dust-free sanctuary! Our expert cobweb and dust removal service ensure your space shines. Experience pristine corners and fresh air with our professional touch today!

Wipe Down Surfaces:

Transform your space with a pristine touch! Our surface wiping service ensures cleanliness throughout. Experience sparkling counters and tables with our expert care

Vacuum and Sweep:

Embrace cleanliness underfoot! Our vacuum and sweep service leaves no corner untouched. Experience pristine floors and fresh spaces with our expert touch today!.Thoroughly vacuum and sweep all floors, carpets, and hard surfaces.

Mop Floors:

Step into clean with every stride! Our professional mopping service ensures spotless floors and a fresh ambiance. Experience the joy of squeaky-clean surfaces with us today. Clean and mop hard floors to remove stains and refresh their appearance.

Baseboard Cleaning:

Revitalize your home’s details! Our baseboard cleaning service ensures every corner gleams with freshness. Experience the transformative power of immaculate baseboards today

High-Touch Surface Sanitization:

Protect your space with our high-touch surface sanitization! Our expert service ensures germ-free environments where you live and work. Experience peace of mind with our thorough sanitization

Disinfection Services

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for someone to give you disinfection services. Brooklyn Cleaning Service NYC offers all types of surface cleaning and unique disinfection services in town. We have been providing these services for many years. We offer 100% guaranteed work. Our customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority.

We offer customized cleaning plans for your ease at the most reasonable rates in town. We also provide demo sessions to gain the full confidence of our customers. We are always available and working 24 hours a day. We do not compromise on quality. 

Just one click away, and the rest leave to us. 

Thorough and effective cleaning

We offer a thorough, efficient and effective cleaning that removes bacteria and viruses from the targeted surfaces. Experience the difference between thorough and effective cleaning! Our meticulous approach ensures every corner sparkles with freshness. Elevate your space with our professional touch today

Proper Dilution:

Unlock the power of proper dilution! Our expert method ensures optimal effectiveness without compromise. Experience the perfect balance for superior results in every application.

PPE Removal:

Carefully remove and dispose of PPE, following safety guidelines. Safely shed the layers with PPE removal! Our meticulous process ensures a seamless transition while prioritizing safety and comfort. Experience freedom without compromise

HVAC Systems:

If necessary, consider clean-up and disinfecting HVAC systems. Elevate your environment with optimized HVAC systems! Our expert solutions ensure comfort and efficiency year-round. Experience superior air quality and climate control with us today

Dwell Time:

We must follow product instructions for the appropriate dwell time (when a disinfectant needs to remain wet on a surface to be effective).

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