Commercial Cleaning Services NYC

You must also be feeling down to see a tidy and messy space to work in. It’s hard. Sparkling Maids NYC offers customizable cleaning plans to meet the unique needs of each office.

Our main goal is to provide a working atmosphere where workers feel comfortable and calm, prioritizing work professionally and unbothered by any mess around that distracts them. In commercial cleaning services nyc, we offer a more comprehensive service and can involve a wider range of cleaning tasks, depending on the facility’s specific needs.

This may include floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning of restrooms and kitchens, window cleaning, and specialized cleaning for healthcare facilities or industrial settings.

Our Commercial Cleaning includes these services

Commercial cleaning services usually clean a lot of different types of businesses and industrial buildings. Some of the most popular services that business cleaning may include are:

These are just a few examples of the services typically included in commercial cleaning. The specific services provided may vary depending on the needs and preferences of each client and the cleaning company’s offerings.

One-time Commercial cleaning

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Deep Commercial Cleaning

Genral Office Cleaning

Make your office shine with our professional cleaning services! We’ll make sure every part is spotless, from floors to desks. You can concentrate on your work while we handle the cleaning. Experience the difference with our careful approach and see productivity increase in your refreshed workspace. Impress clients and motivate your team with a cleaner, brighter office today!

Restroom Cleaning

Our expert cleaning services keep your bathroom shining! From sinks to toilets, we will clean and shine everything. Leave the hard job to us so you can focus on your more important duties. Discover the difference with our thorough approach and a clean restroom for your team and guests.

Floor Care

Maintain your floors with our skilled floor care! Cleaning, polishing, and maintaining your floors keeps them looking beautiful. Carpet, tile, or hardwood—we’ve covered you. Let us handle your floors so you can focus on business. Try our skilled service for clean, shining floors that endure. Improve floor care now for a cleaner, safer environment!

Window Cleaning

We’ll make sure every window shines bright, inside and out. Leave the hard work to us while you enjoy the clear view. With our meticulous approach, your windows will be streak-free and crystal clear. Impress visitors and enhance your space with our expert window cleaning Services

Kitchen or breakroom cleaning

Clean your kitchen or breakroom well using our services! From worktops to appliances, we’ll clean and sanitize everything. Relax and enjoy your time while we do the dirty job. With our careful approach, your kitchen or breakroom will always be attractive and clean.

Our services include:

Dusting and disinfection

Clean up with our dusting and disinfecting services! Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces will eliminate dust and destroy dangerous microorganisms. Find out how our skilled services vary now! A cleaner, healthier space without allergies. Enjoy a clean, germ-free atmosphere while we clean. Our thorough approach makes your area safer and more comfortable for everyone. Experience the difference with our experienced services now!

Grounds cleaning

Commercial cleaning services NYC provide our services for the cleaning and maintaining office grounds, schools, colleges, medical facilities, warehouses, and other non-residential properties. But for this, remember that you have to pay additional charges. This is separate from our regular or deep cleaning services.

Our ground cleaning services ensure that the exterior of your place is as clean and welcoming as the interior. We specialize in keeping your grounds free of dirt, debris, and litter, creating a professional and inviting environment for employees, clients, and visitors. 

Our ground cleaning includes:

Specialty cleaning services

Experience the difference with our specialist commercial cleaning services NYC From furniture to high-traffic areas, we can help. Let us handle the heavy cleaning while you focus on what counts. With our experience and attention to detail, your area will look like never before. See how our specialist services may improve your cleaning routine now!

Our Equipment Cleaning Process

Our comprehensive equipment cleaning process includes the following steps:

Assessment: We start with an overall inspection of the place to identify which areas require more maintenance and attention.

Preparation: Before we start, we monitor the sensitive equipment and machinery, like electrical connections, as needed.

Cleaning:  We remove dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from the equipment’s surfaces using industry-approved cleaning agents and techniques.

Disinfection:  To ensure a safe and clean working atmosphere, we apply disinfectants to equipment that requires sterilization

Inspection:  A final inspection ensures the equipment is safe, clean, working properly, and ready to use.

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