Bronx Cleaning Services NYC

Welcome to the most trusted professional cleaning platform, Bronx Cleaning  Services NYC. Where you can get a neat, vivid, crystal-clear home without stress and Where reality exceeds expectations. We offer many exemplary services for our beloved clients residing in the Bronx.

Bronx Cleaning Services NYC main goal is to provide top-quality, flawless services to our beloved customers. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We work according to our clients’ schedules and offer flexible scrubbing and maintenance services. We are available 24/7 for online consultation and support.

We prefer to use eco-friendly cleaners that are less harmful to health and biodegradable. These products do not contain any toxic ingredients, which can cause health issues to sensitive individuals like the ones dealing with asthma or allergies. Bronex cleaning service nyc can offer safe and sound Green Disinfecting assistance in New York City.

Whether you are searching for home or commercial maintenance services, we play our role in all sectors wherever tidying up and maintenance is required. Currently, Bronx cleaning services NYC is working in the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and nearby areas. We deliver a wide range of assistance in polishing up your messed up place into a crystal clear perfectionist.

Our Bronx Cleaning Services NYC

Floor Cleaning

Bronx Cleaning Services NYC, offers customizable floor unblemishing offers for our beloved customers. We are proud of our efficiency and diligence in performing work enthusiastically. We have many people working as a team trained professionally for different premises.

We take special care while washing, scrubbing, and mopping your floor. Sometimes, the tiles are expensive and need gentle treatment to avoid abrasive damage, colour, and design loss. So here is a checklist designed professionally to unblemish up your floor


Transform your floors with the simplicity of sweeping! Say goodbye to dust and debris as our efficient technique restores cleanliness to your space. With each stroke, we whisk away messes, leaving behind a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of sweeping with our expert touch today.


We use a fine micro-fibre cloth piece to mop on the floor, which captures even the minute amount of dust and presents you with a finished, shiny, crystal-clear look. Experience the rejuvenating power of washing! Bid farewell to stains and grime as our meticulous process restores freshness to your surfaces. From sparkling windows to gleaming floors, we deliver cleanliness that dazzles. Embrace the transformative magic of washing with our expert service


Bronx Cleaning Service NYC leaves the mopped floor for some time until it gets dried out. We take special care that no human or pet goes over that mopped area left out for drying, as it can cause irresistible dirt imprints on the floor.


If your floor is dirty enough to the extent that mopping once doesn’t give a finished appearance, then we double-mop the area to get a vivid and inviting floor. Experience the next level of cleaning with our Double Mopping service! Say goodbye to stubborn stains and dirt as we double up on cleaning power. Our meticulous technique ensures every inch of your floors shines brighter than ever before. With double the effort comes double the cleanliness. 


In the last step, a polishing solution is used to polish out the floor and obtain a vivid and classy appearance. Book us now for an extra 10% off on the floor’s pristine proposition and enjoy a hassle-free, neat, spotless floor.

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